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Nonprofit Organizations

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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are a crucial pillar of our community, driven by a mission to make a positive impact on society while not primarily focused on generating profits. These organizations encompass a wide range of causes, including charities, foundations, educational institutions, and religious groups, all dedicated to serving the needs of communities and various social causes as well as membership organizations. At TKM, LLC, we recognize the invaluable contributions of nonprofits and the importance of financial transparency in their operations. Our team of skilled CPAs and accounting professionals specializes in offering tailored financial services to nonprofit organizations in New Mexico. This includes conducting meticulous financial statement audits, federal single audits, and other assurance services to ensure accuracy, compliance, accountability, and transparency. We also provide comprehensive support in preparing the IRS Form 990, a critical document for nonprofit reporting and compliance. Our commitment is to assist nonprofits in fulfilling their missions effectively while maintaining the highest standards of financial integrity. We take pride in being part of the mechanism that promotes compliance and transparency.

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